What is ARC?

The Adoption Resource Consultant is dedicated to joining with Adoption staff, Foster Care staff, DHS, and all other persons that are essential to the process of achieving permanency for children and youth in the foster care system, who have a permanency goal of adoption and have been legally free for adoption for one year or longer without an identified adoptive resource.

The ARC uses a solution-focused model. The service centers around developing, reviewing, and/or amending the Individualized Adoption Plan with specific recruitment steps to place a child/youth in an adoptive or pre-adoptive home, as appropriate, or develop other steps intended to achieve successful adoptions more quickly for those children whose plan is adoption.

The ARC works with DHS and private agency foster care workers, adoption workers, and supervisors to ensure the steps developed are implemented. The ARC will also assist with problem solving, in an effort to eliminate barriers and enhance the specificity of the Individualized Adoption Plan so that each child will achieve permanency.

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We believe that permanency will be achieved if we all work together towards the goal.
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