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More About Training and Education

Information and about Foster Parenting and Adoption is offered free of charge at our Southfield office. On-line training is also available.

To find out more, please contact Jennifer Buatti at 248-258-1278 or LaTosha Lymon at 248-530-5370.

What They Say


“ All of these kids need a second chance. A need to feel loved. ”


Shirley Davis
Foster and Adoptive Parent

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“ The help of Orchards was always amazing to me, because it was with a lifelong goal in mind, not just a couple of months. They wanted to help me with my dreams, and help them grow and blossom. I am now living in Dallas with my own family, but I will never forget my Orchards family, and will always be grateful for their love and caring."


Taron T
Former Client